How To Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

energy-efficiencyHome energy efficiency is a hot topic today, what with global warming hanging in the thick air around us or those environmentalists shouting hoarse about the way humans are plundering the Mother Nature. If you think they are making ado about nothing, you are all wrong. It is essential to save our natural resources and become energy efficient. And, the efforts start at home!

It is time we followed effective energy efficiency tips and make the required improvements to our home. It will be beneficial for the nature, as well as, healthier for our wallets too. You’ll save money on your energy bills once you find cheaper ways to do everything. Install energy efficient heaters, air conditioners and other electrical equipment, and make all the other essential changes to save energy. You should know where to start, and the basic energy-saving measures. Ask the right questions, generate your own ideas and stop wasting the energy. Assess your own home, and see from where to start so as to make the energy efficiency ratio healthy.

View your home and take a whole-house approach, looking into interdependent parts and the
energy systems. If the ducts, walls, windows, and doors are poorly insulated or leaky, even the top heating system or energy efficient appliance will still waste a lot of fuel and energy. Whether one is buying a new home, renting one or building one, make sure your energy bills are as low as they can be and improve home energy efficiency.
Let us take look at the areas to check out when following energy efficiency tips:

• Lighting – Fans, Ceiling, Decorative Light, Bulbs, etc.
• Electronics – Cordless Phones, Audio/Video, Set-top Boxes & Cable Boxes
• Appliances – Dishwashers, Clothes Washers, Dehumidifiers
• Sealing and Insulating
• Heating and Cooling

It is high time each one of pledged to take energy saving actions in our home that will protect our climate for years to come, as well as, reduce greenhouse gases.

Heating and Cooling

Start by looking at energy efficient heaters, and see how the home is heated. Gas heating is energy efficient heaters, and costs a lot less to run. It is, therefore, much more efficient than electric alternatives. Heat only those rooms that you are present in, rather than the whole house, to balance the energy efficiency ratio.

Sealing and Insulating

Find out how the house is insulated, especially the loft. This is one of most efficient ways to prevent the heat from escaping in a home. The thickness of the insulation is very important here, and the recommended depth is 270m at least. Just to give you an idea, topping up from 100mm to 270mm can help one save around £15 a year on heating bills and improve their home energy efficiency. Look at those walls as a third of the heat is lost through the walls. Walls can be solid or made of cavity, and one can insulate both to improve the energy efficiency.

Check out those windows and go for A-rated double glazed windows that can help you save between $90 to $120 on heating bills! Look for any gaps and go for draught proof homes. Make use of heavy lined curtains and avoid going for a single-glazed property. If you are still using the older models in boilers, you are wasting a huge amount of energy. Check the age of the boiler and go for those models that are highly recommended. In the same way as homes, the Boilers have energy ratings too.


Look at the quality of lighting and bulbs, Replace those old bulbs with cfl lighting and invest in good quality fixtures. Look at the appliances like Fridges and freezers, washing machines, mixers and blenders, dish washers, etc. and study their energy ratings. Set the washing machine at 30°C and avoid leaving the hot tap running, when doing the dishes.


Make use of the new heating controls to control the refrigeration and heating in your home more efficiently. Installing a room thermostat, programmer and thermostatic can prove to be helpful and control the heat of the areas of your home the way you want. Install a programmable thermostat to reduce those utility bills and accomplish your goals of lower heating and cooling systems. Remember to turn things off when you are not in the room such as the entertainment systems, lights, TVs, and your computer and monitor. Try to take shorter showers instead of baths for additional energy savings.


When you save water, you save money. So, get a water meter installed to keep a check on the usage of water in your home. It is time you stopped flushing your hard earned money down the drain. Look out for any leakages and dripping taps that might be wasting
gallons of water a day. Buy energy saving shower to get a powerful shower experience, as well as, save on water and your water bills. Air dry those dishes and clothes instead of using the drying cycle of your dishwasher or washing machine.

Follow the above listed energy efficiency tips in every area of your home to make it complete energy efficient. Save hundreds of dollars every year and feel proud of your efforts, as well as responsibility towards Mother Nature. Put money back in your pocket by making those simple improvements. Stop throwing away money out of those leaky windows and incompetent heating and cooling systems. When we waste energy in our homes, we are throwing away our valuable money that could be used for other important things.